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The company “RAZVOD ONLINE” has been specializing in the field of civil and family law since 2007. During this time, we have reached the heights of professionalism and accumulated rich practical experience in the field of family law. We study the problem in detail, assess the prospects for resolving a family dispute, carefully prepare documents and represent the client’s interests in court without his participation and presence.


“Divorce Online” is an irreplaceable assistant in difficult family situations. We offer divorce online distancing in Ukraine, divorce with a foreigner, without your presence in court!

We specialize in divorce online in Ukraine and work remotely in Ukraine for the result.

Divorce online

Our online divorce lawyers provide legal services:

  • we carry out the divorce procedure with minimal losses in court or in the registry office;
  • we prepare documents and a statement of claim, represent the interests of the client without the need for personal presence;
  • We provide comprehensive services, division of property, alimony and disputes about children.

Saving money and time

Get your divorce papers ready. No overpayments or loss of time

Waiting time

Through Divorce Online

  • 30–50 minutes

Through a lawyer

  • up to 2 working days.


Through Divorce Online

  • only 500 hryvnia

Through a lawyer

  • On average, UAH 1000, and sometimes it reaches UAH 2000-3000

When using the Divorce Online service:


  • There is no need to study the intricacies of family law and civil procedure. All you need is to send a photo of the required documents.


  • You do not need to contact government agencies and lawyers, communicate with the defendant in the case and tell others the details of your family life.


  • Pay the real price in the legal services market. No extra financial costs for personal meetings with a lawyer, hourly pay or expensive office rent. All processes in the Divorce Online service are automated and optimized.

We work throughout Ukraine and abroad

  • You get the same high level of service in all regions of Ukraine, since the “Razvod Online” service works with all courts.

Why does the divorce process take place in court?

According to the current legislation of Ukraine, if the spouses have common minor children or one of the spouses does not agree to part, then the decision on divorce must be made by the court.

What services and documents do I receive?

Using the Divorce Online service, you will receive:

  • a ready-made statement of claim for divorce;
  • a full package of documents to accompany the divorce;
  • detailed step-by-step instructions for divorce.

Guarantee of your services?

The service is provided by the lawyer Skriabin Alexey Nikolaevich. The profile of a lawyer can be found in the register of lawyers of Ukraine. We guarantee that the court decision will be in your favor! In case of a negative result, we will refund the funds paid to you.

What are the necessary documents for divorce:

  • Original marriage certificate. No? A duplicate is issued by any registry office
  • A copy or photo of your passport.
  • A copy of the birth certificate, if there are children.

Send the above documents to Viber, WhatsApp, telegram +38 066 777 37 33 and we will contact you for further actions.

What is the term for divorce through court?

Currently, divorce cases are considered in simplified proceedings. The term for divorce through the court is: 1.5-2 months, if not, who does not object to the dissolution of the marriage.

If the defendant agrees, then the term for divorce may be longer, depending on the circumstances of the case, the term for reconciliation, the work of the court, and so on!

But if you need help with a quick divorce, we will definitely help you!

When do you need to contact a lawyer?

  • one of the spouses is a citizen of another country;
  • You are outside Ukraine and you do not have enough documents for a divorce
  • there are disputes regarding the place of residence of the child (children);
  • you need to speed up the divorce process;
  • it is necessary to legalize a court decision on divorce in order to use such documents outside Ukraine;
  • you need to register the court decision in the registry office and get the corresponding extract from the register with a mark on divorce and affix an apostille on such a document.

rozluchennya-onlain.com.ua also provides the following types of services:

Online alimony lawyer

  • we help to make the establishment and collection of alimony on a turnkey basis from the stage of a peaceful resolution of the issue to filing a statement of claim and participation in court proceedings;
  • we collect alimony in a simplified manner, we provide assistance in indexing unpaid amounts.

Increasing or decreasing the amount of alimony online

Revision of the amount of alimony is made if the material circumstances of the payer or recipient have changed. We provide services to increase / decrease the amount of alimony in the pre-trial and judicial order. We accompany the turnkey process without the participation of the client.

Spouses property section online

We help to carry out the division of the spouses’ common property acquired from the moment of marriage. We evaluate the legality of the marriage contract, settle disputes through peaceful negotiations, defend the client’s interests in court with a guarantee of success.

Termination of parental rights online

Restriction / deprivation of the rights of parents means a ban on raising a child. We help in communicating with the guardianship authorities, collect the necessary evidence, and guarantee the protection of the interests of children in court.

Determining the child’s place of residence online

We help in resolving disputes about the residence of a child / children after the parents’ divorce. We will prepare a package of documents, collect characteristics and certificates, represent the interests of the client in court proceedings

The procedure for communicating with the child online

We carry out the divorce procedure with minimal emotional and financial losses in court or in the registry office. We prepare documents and a statement of claim, represent the interests of the client without the need for personal presence. We provide comprehensive services, division of property, alimony and disputes about children.

Establishing paternity online

We provide a full range of services for the installation of maternity / paternity: collection of evidence, testimony and expert opinions, preparation and filing of a statement of claim in court.

Experienced lawyers of the Divorce Online service help to resolve family matters related to divorces, property disputes, the collection of alimony, guardianship and parental rights. Also, family lawyers draw up marriage contracts, etc.


The main feature of the judicial settlement of disputes between relatives is the high importance of moral and ethical factors. Therefore, a family law lawyer, seeking the solution the client needs, performs a set of tasks:

  • thoroughly examines the essence of the conflict, the claims of the parties;
  • forms the evidence base – documents, video and photographic materials, testimonies of witnesses confirm the correctness of the principal;
  • participates in court sessions, building his speeches so as not to offend the defendant’s side, not to cause more harm to family relations.

Lawyers specialize in family law and guarantee confidentiality within the framework of the law.



All lawyers of the company have extensive knowledge of legislation and rich litigation practice. Difficult problems for us, but no unsolvable ones.


For 15 years we have been purposefully engaged in the field of family law, constantly improving our qualifications. We study and apply all Novelli Laws, analyze judicial practice.

Individual approach

We approach each case thoroughly and work with full immersion. Our clients are guaranteed complete confidentiality, attention and support at any stage.

Non-standard solutions

We study the problem in detail, paying attention to the smallest nuances. We fully control the course of the case, turning all the opponent’s mistakes in favor of the customer.


We value our name and the trust of our customers. This is best confirmed by the fact that more than a third of clients come to us again or recommend to their friends.

Optimal timing

We work quickly and efficiently, promptly solving all issues that directly depend on us. We keep the client informed of the stage at which the case is.

Flexible pricing

Our prices are affordable for people with different incomes. The issue of the cost of services is decided individually, taking into account all the details and complexity of the case. Partial and phased payment is possible.


Over 15 years of legal practice, we have acquired the well-deserved right to be called experts in our field, resolving family disputes of any complexity. This is confirmed by:

  • 97%
    successfully completed cases
  • 10–15 rocks
    average experience of our lawyers
  • 245
    children received alimony for an average amount of 5 thousand https://erau.unba.org.ua/profile/66275. hrn.
  • 750
    thanks from our clients

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