Apostille on documents

Апостиль на документах

Apostille on documents

Apostille on documents is a mark that confirms the legality of documents in countries where such a stamp of legality is recognized. That is, an apostille stamp is necessary for the legal processing of documents abroad.

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Skryabin Alexey Nikolaevich
Skryabin Alexey Nikolaevich
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Hello! In this article, I will talk about where an apostille is made on documents, why it is needed, as well as how to speed up the procedure for apostilling a divorce / marriage certificate and a court decision on divorce.

Put an apostille on court documents, registry office

You can put an apostille on documents of the court and the registry office. The list of main documents that need to be apostilled includes:

  • divorce decree;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • divorce certificate.

Often, an apostille is required to confirm the authenticity of documents for a divorce or when registering property and family matters abroad.The apostille stamp can be placed both on the original and on copies of documents. At the same time, it is important that the documents and their copies meet the requirements and contain all the details – seals, signatures of the responsible authorities that issued them.

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Where is the apostille of documents on divorce, marriage done in Ukraine?

Apostille of documents on divorce, marriage is done in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. In order to affix an apostille on documents, you should prepare an application, a document confirming your identity and pay the state fee for affixing an apostille.

Also, depending on the document to be apostilled, other certificates or documents may be required to submit a request to the Ministry of Justice.

The term for consideration of a request for an apostille of documents is from 3 to 7 business days.

In this case, there are often delays associated with the inaccuracy of the submitted documents. Therefore, it is better to contact a family lawyer for help. A family law attorney will help speed up the process of apostille documents.

Make an apostille on documents with a lawyer:
simple procedure;
without the participation of the client.
result guarantee.
Put an apostille yourself:
difficult process;
your participation;
no guarantee of results.

Make an apostille on a court decision on divorce in Ukraine

An apostille on a court decision on divorce may be required when divorcing a foreigner in Ukraine in order to confirm the dissolution of marriage in the country where the foreign spouse lives.

Also, an apostille on a court decision on divorce may be necessary for registration of property abroad, registration of remarriage and other issues in the field of family law.

Put an apostille on a divorce certificate in Ukraine

An apostille on a divorce certificate is placed at the request of one of the spouses after the divorce is registered in the registry office. You can apply on your own for an apostille on a divorce certificate or through a lawyer.

A divorce and family lawyer can apply for an apostille of documents without your participation. Which is especially convenient for citizens who live in another city or country. So you can save time and money on the legalization of a divorce certificate.

Apostille stamp on a marriage certificate in Ukraine

An apostille on a divorce certificate is needed for the legalization of documents at the international level. Accordingly, it is also necessary to translate the document into the state language of the country in which the registration will take place.

Documents must be translated in accordance with legal regulations and standards, so it is best to contact translators who specialize in such translations.

To simplify the process of preparing documents and affixing an apostille, we recommend contacting a good lawyer who will help you translate and apostille documents.

Lawyer services in Ukraine – put an apostille on marriage, divorce documents

A family lawyer will help to comprehensively resolve your issue in the field of family law and put an apostille on documents. You can contact a lawyer to exclusively make an apostille or to file a turnkey divorce with a foreigner.

Legal advice in case of divorce or apostille of documents can take place online – by phone, e-mail or in person – at the lawyer’s office.

The help of a lawyer is confidence in the positive result of resolving family disputes and paperwork. You should not postpone seeking legal advice, as this can delay the process of resolving the issue.

Questions to a lawyer about apostille of documents for divorce

What documents can be apostilled?
Where is the apostille of documents made?
Is it possible to make an apostille of documents without personal participation?

Write to the lawyer by e-mail or messenger (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp) or call the contacts listed on the site to get qualified legal assistance.

Family lawyer in Ukraine
Scriabina Daria Sergeevna
Scriabina Daria Sergeevna
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