Deadline for reconciliation of spouses

Срок для примирения супругов

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Hello! In this article, I will tell you about the deadlines for reconciliation of spouses upon dissolution of marriage.

Term for reconciliation of spouses in Ukraine

Sometimes the decision to divorce is made by one of the spouses impulsively, under the influence of emotions or short-term circumstances. When there is hope for the preservation of the family, it is advisable for the court to set a period for reconciliation.

The term for reconciliation in case of divorce in Ukraine

The judge may set a grace period for the reconciliation of the spouses if he sees that in a particular situation there is no irreparable family breakdown, and divorce can be avoided. Note that this is not a duty, but his right. Sessions on the case may be adjourned either at the initiative of the judge or at the request of one of the parties to the process.

This usually happens when one of the spouses does not agree to the dissolution of the marriage. In such a situation, the court clarifies the following points in detail:

  • circumstances of family life;
  • the true motives for the divorce of one and the denial of the other;
  • the possibility of further joint life of the spouses without limiting their interests and the interests of children, if any.

The main purpose of the “postponement” is to determine whether it is possible to save the family in the future and take measures to eliminate the causes that served as prerequisites for the collapse of the union.

The term for reconciliation of spouses in case of divorce in Ukraine

The duration of the period is appointed by the judge based on his own opinion. She can provide, for example, both 2 weeks and 6 months. The maximum waiting time is six months and can be assigned once. It is also possible that the term will be set several times if, after the previous one, the spouses still refuse to leave, and the judge continues to observe the grounds for the possible preservation of the family.

It should be noted that even if a minimum period for reconciliation is set, the divorce procedure in court will take at least one month.

Reducing the period for reconciliation of spouses in case of divorce in Ukraine

As a rule, if the initiator of a divorce is firmly convinced of his intentions, then he will strive to reduce the period of reconciliation. This is possible in several cases:

  • the plaintiff continues to insist on a divorce and gives good reasons that it is impossible to preserve the family (for example, long-term separation);
  • the spouses agreed and submitted a joint request or separate requests for a reduction in the waiting period.

The term of reconciliation cannot be challenged in the cassation and appeal procedure, since it is not a radical obstacle to the consideration of the divorce case.

The judge may decide to shorten the assigned waiting time or cancel the conciliation time altogether. However, he also has the right to refuse a request to leave the previously appointed time unchanged.

The term of reconciliation in case of dissolution of marriage through the court in Ukraine

The term for reconciliation of the spouses is appointed by the court if there is a chance to save the family. During this time, whenever possible and interested, the judge takes measures to find out the reasons for the divorce and eliminate them.

The waiting time may be reduced if there are valid reasons. One way or another, it cannot be more than six months, and if after the expiration of the period at least one of the spouses continues to insist, the dissolution of the marriage will be effected.

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Family lawyer in Ukraine
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Scriabina Daria Sergeevna
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