Divorce from a foreigner online

Divorce from a foreigner online

Divorce from a foreigner online in Ukraine

Divorce from a foreigner online in Ukraine

Ukrainians have the right to enter into a marriage union with persons of any state. Marriage and dissolution are regulated by the Family Code of Ukraine.

Divorce from a foreigner in Ukraine is a standard procedure that is carried out in accordance with the Family Code of Ukraine. The difference between the dissolution of a marriage concluded with a foreigner or a citizen of Ukraine is minimal and it is mainly associated with the place of residence of the spouses or husband.

To make the process of divorce easier and faster, you can turn to a family lawyer who can take over all the obligations of the divorce. The service “Divorce Online in Ukraine” is the newest and most progressive service in the modern branch of law.

Divorce procedure from a foreigner in Ukraine

Divorce procedure from a foreigner in Ukraine

In the standard version, divorce with a foreign citizen is carried out, as we have already written, in accordance with the Family Code of Ukraine. The easiest option is to divorce in the registry office (registry office), where you need to write a corresponding statement. But if at least one party does not agree with the terms of the dissolution of the union or there are minor children in the family, then the dissolution of the marriage must be carried out through the courts.

This is possible if both spouses (in certain cases, one of the spouses) are in Ukraine and are ready to deal with this issue.

How to part with a foreigner through the registry office in Ukraine

How to part with a foreigner through the registry office in Ukraine

  • In order to file a divorce from a citizen of another country in accordance with all the rules in the registry office, you must:
  • stay of spouses in Ukraine and a general desire to divorce (mandatory absence of common children);
  • Collect documents. These include the passports of the spouses, marriage certificate and a receipt for payment of state duty;
  • Contact the registry office at the place of residence (preferably at the place of marriage)
  • Write an application in accordance with the established form (a sample application can be obtained from the registry office)
  • Wait 30 days (no reduction is possible)
  • Take away the divorce certificate.

Divorce from a foreigner in court in Ukraine

Divorce from a foreigner in court in Ukraine

It looks more difficult to divorce a foreign citizen in the presence of a common minor child or in case of disagreement at least one of the parties.

In this case, only a divorce through the courts is possible, according to the rules of alternative jurisdiction. The lawsuit is filed by someone who does not want to save the marriage. If the place of residence of the defendant is unknown, then the last known or at least the location of the property of the defendant will do (in the claim it is necessary to indicate where the message was sent and for what reason). After that, you will have to sue for quite a long time and deal with children, common property, and so on.

On average, a divorce under such circumstances takes 3 – 6 months. It is not uncommon for the court to decide to grant the spouses “time for reconciliation”. This further postpones the adoption of the final decision.

In these circumstances, a qualified family lawyer will help to reduce the term for divorce and resolve controversial issues. Feedback on our activities can be seen here.

List of required documents for divorce from a foreigner in Ukraine

List of required documents for divorce from a foreigner in Ukraine

The above list of documents is usually unchanged. These documents should be prepared in advance, since the delay in submitting documents to the court may lead to a delay in the dissolution of the marriage.

For a quick consideration by the court of a claim for divorce, the following documents must be provided:

  1. A statement of claim for divorce, copies of it (the number depends on the circumstances). Sent to the place of permanent residence or temporary residence of the defendant;
  2. Plaintiff’s passport and taxpayer code;
  3. The defendant’s passport and taxpayer code (if any);
  4. Marriage certificate;
  5. Receipt for payment of the state fee (in 2021 it is 908 hryvnia)
  6. Certificate from the place of residence of the plaintiff and the child;
  7. Written agreement on the upbringing, maintenance and living of minor children;
  8. Written agreement on the division of property;
  9. Other documentation is essential for litigation;

In the statement of claim in case of a divorce from a foreigner, it is necessary to indicate information about the participants in the divorce process, the name of the judicial authority (where the claim is filed), the reason for the divorce, a list of approving documents (evidence) of this or that statement / accusation, requirements.

It is important to present the evidence base in your favor so that the court satisfies the plaintiff’s requests as much as possible.

With the successful preparation of the statement of claim and the provision of documents, the case goes to the stage of consideration one month after the filing of the claim. If the court sees the possibility of preserving the family, then the couple can be given a probationary period for thinking over actions and reconciliation (up to three months). In the event that reconciliation failed in the allotted period, a divorce decision is made.

In the course of the case, the rules for collecting alimony, the place of residence of children, the procedure for their upbringing, and the like are also established. However, these issues should be resolved in separate legal proceedings in order to prevent the delay in divorce.

How to part with a foreigner without his presence in Ukraine (photo)

How to part with a foreigner without his presence in Ukraine (photo)

Termination of a marriage without the participation and presence of a foreigner is possible through a court or registry office. It all depends on the situation.

In the registry office, divorce unilaterally takes place if the foreigner has provided formal written consent and confirmed its legality by a notary. At the same time, it is important that there are no disagreements regarding common children and property. In such circumstances, the terms and process of divorce are similar and amount to 1 month.

If it is not possible to part at the registry office, then the case is referred to the court.

In order for the claim to be accepted for consideration, it is necessary to send a statement to the address of residence of the other party. If the defendant left Ukraine, then the document should be sent to the address of his last place of residence or to the location of his property.

In this case, the claim should indicate that it is not possible to inform the defendant at his current place of residence or his location is unknown to the plaintiff.

Before starting the process of dissolution of the union, the court needs to know that the foreigner has received a message about the proceeding. If the defendant is not in court, all his rights must be taken into account.

It is much easier to file a divorce if the defendant has filed a formal request to conduct the case without his participation. Or there is a power of attorney issued to a representative who will defend the interests of the defendant in a Ukrainian court.

Important! Confirmation of the termination of marriage must be carried out in Ukraine and in the home state of the man. Otherwise, such a divorce is not completely valid, since the marriage record has not been cleared from all registers.

These circumstances may lead to the invalidity of the divorce.

The Divorce Online service will allow you to leave without the presence of a foreign husband in Ukraine. All questions in this case will be decided by a family lawyer. Your personal participation and presence at the dissolution of the marriage will also not be needed, which makes it possible:

  • not to participate in court hearings and the case as a whole;
  • provide yourself with the support of a professional lawyer;
  • resolve related issues (division of property, place of residence of the child, etc.);

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Recognition of divorce from a foreigner in other states in Ukraine

Recognition of divorce from a foreigner in other states in Ukraine

A frequent question for us is “How to part with a foreign citizen in the case when the marriage was concluded in Ukraine, but at the moment the spouses are in another country?”

It is quite possible to get married in Ukraine, and then go to live or work in another country, where an irresistible desire to leave arose.

In such a situation, there are several options for divorce:

  • Contacting the consulate or representative office of Ukraine (possible only on condition of divorce by analogy with the registry office)
  • Registration of a divorce according to the laws of the host country, and then send the document to the consulate. On its basis, changes will be made to the civil status records in Ukraine, and the marriage will be recognized as dissolved;

Features of divorce from foreigners from different countries An important feature is the procedure for divorce from a foreign citizen, adopted in different countries. Rules that are relevant to other states will have to be taken into account. For example: USA To dissolve the union, it is usually necessary to live in the region of circulation for about six months or more (depending on local legislation). You can’t just come to any town in any state and apply. In France, it is allowed to apply in the standard manner no earlier than six months after the conclusion of the union. Moreover, the court will definitely give 3 months to try to reconcile or even refuse to dissolve the marriage, if it is considered that children will suffer because of this.

Contacting an online family lawyer, who, on the basis of an agreement, will be able to represent your interests in Ukraine and resolve the issue of divorce in court or at your registry office.

The latter option will provide you with significant advantages and help you choose the best solution, since representing your interests in your home country simplifies the process of divorce and provides advantages in the form of:

  • online communication with a professional lawyer;
  • sending the necessary documents online;
  • online tracking of the stage of divorce with a foreigner;
  • prompt online response to new circumstances of the case;
  • receiving documents back (including online translation into other languages).

Contact our lawyers and family lawyers in order to obtain advice on divorce from a foreigner, drafting procedural documents (including a claim for divorce from a foreigner) and full support of the case online.

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