Divorce of parents: how to help a child?

Развод родителей: как помочь ребенку?
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Hello! In the article "Divorce of parents: how to help a child?" on the site rozluchennya-onlain.com.ua I will tell you how to help a child with a divorce of parents, what are the signs of a child’s mental disorder, how to behave with a child during a divorce.

Divorce of parents: how to help a child?

All the basic psychological needs of the child are satisfied exclusively in the family – this is the love of parents, communication and security. Divorce of parents destroys a safe and familiar home environment. Whatever the reason for the divorce, the child will experience this event in the same way as any person who has experienced stress.

Signs of a mental disorder in a child

  • Closure, experiencing stress “in oneself”;
  • Conflicts with the environment;
  • Girls may have: excessive fatigue, decreased performance, tearfulness, depression, irritability, refusal to contact, resentment, sadness;
  • In boys, this is often expressed in provocative behavior, aggression, anger, foul language, theft, and running away from home.

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How to deal with a child during a divorce?

During the divorce period, parents should follow a strategy of behavior aimed at maintaining the trust of the child.

  1. It is important to give the child the opportunity to openly express their feelings. Help him survive his sadness, grieve with him.
  2. Parents should take a unified position and not hide their future plans. For example: “Dad will no longer live with us, he is moving, but you can see him whenever you want.” Of course, such statements are made after mutual agreements between the parents.
    When you inform your child about the upcoming divorce, be sure to tell him that he has absolutely nothing to do with it. Often children tend to think that they are responsible for all the troubles that occur in the family. Explain to the child that divorce is a decision of mom and dad, which concerns exclusively their marital relationship, and has nothing to do with his behavior.
  3. No matter how detailed you explain the child about divorce, he will still repeatedly return to this topic. Children tend to fantasize that mom and dad will still be together. The child needs repeated repetition of information, and constant reassurance of support and attention, in order to cope with a difficult situation.
  4. Some parents, forced to leave the family, decide to literally shower the child with gifts, fearing that without it they will be rejected. Of course, children love gifts, however, most likely they would rather just be with their dad or mom, doing something together or talking.
  5. No need to ask the child to spy on the other parent and hide anything from him. Do not interrogate every time he returns from your ex-spouse. Be calm, both before and after the child returns.

A child learns a lot in his family, in particular, the ability to cope with critical situations. It depends on how the parents survive the divorce, what they lose and what they can gain – it depends on how the child will be able to overcome everyday difficulties in his future adult life. Therefore, it is important to teach by example how to not only conflict and quarrel, but also be able to find compromises in complex issues.

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Scriabina Daria Sergeevna
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