Online divorce in Ukraine

Online divorce in Ukraine

Online divorce in Ukraine

Online divorce in Ukraine

Online divorce in Ukraine

Good day! My name is Alexey Nikolayevich Scriabin, I am a family lawyer. This article is devoted to the divorce of married spouses and the possibility of its remote implementation (photo).

Divorce is a procedure that can be carried out in the judiciary and the registry office. Most often, divorce requires each spouse to attend a court. In addition, you need to collect a list of necessary documents, correctly draw up

a statement of claim for divorce, pay the court fee, submit documents to the court.

In addition to the need to comply with the divorce procedure in court, a divorce process with a husband or wife can be accompanied by conflicts and negative emotions.

To make the process of divorce easier and faster, you can turn to a family lawyer who can take over all the obligations of the divorce. The service “Divorce Online in Ukraine” is the newest and most progressive service of the modern branch of law.

A good lawyer will help you part without problems and unnecessary costs. In order to further simplify the divorce process, we have created an online divorce service in Ukraine.

This service allows you to carry out a divorce without the presence of spouses, including in Ukraine, all issues are resolved by a family lawyer. Online divorce is a guaranteed result that does not require your participation and presence at the dissolution of the marriage, it makes it possible to:

  1. not to participate in court hearings and the case as a whole;
  2. avoid meeting with a husband or wife;
  3. provide yourself with the support of a professional lawyer;
  4. resolve related issues such as:
  • division of the spouses’ property;
  • divorce from a foreigner;
  • determination of the child’s place of residence;
  • determination of alimony and the like;

You will be able not to visit the court to file a claim, not to explain the reasons for the divorce through the court. By contacting professional lawyers, you can go about your business without changing your usual way of life, and a family lawyer can independently file a divorce.

We will help you even in the event of a divorce, which is complicated by the lack of necessary documents or if one of the spouses does not want to part. Our competence includes assistance in divorce from a foreigner online, with or without children, divorce abroad or in another city, by mutual consent and without the consent of a husband or wife.

It is not worth wasting your money and time on resolving issues that can be easily and simply resolved by a family lawyer. Delegate divorce to qualified lawyers, spend this time to your advantage, and we will solve your case.

Divorce Online is a modern portal that simplifies the divorce procedure. The electronic service provides such a service,

how to quickly leave and not even leave your own home.

In order to use the services of a Divorce Online lawyer, you must take the following steps:

  • Provide information about your divorce case to our divorce lawyer – by phone or in any messenger convenient for you (Viber, Telegram, Votsap)
  • Get expert advice;
  • Conclude an agreement on the provision of legal assistance by a family lawyer;
  • provide a list of required documents.

All necessary documents can be sent by e-mail or courier to our office. Our lawyers will resolve all issues of divorce and will regularly inform you about changes in the case in a convenient way for you.

Feedback on our activities can be found at the link.

Contact trusted lawyers and do not waste your money and time on cases that can be resolved without your participation!

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