Property appraisal

Property appraisal

Property appraisal in Ukraine

In the process of terminating family relations through the court, it is often necessary to assess the property that was jointly acquired by the spouses in marriage. In addition, this procedure may be required in other cases (for example, at the request of creditors). Determining the value of what is recognized as joint property of the spouses in a divorce can also be carried out on the initiative of the spouses during the division of property without going to court, although such situations rarely happen.

Evaluation (appraisal) is the process of determining the value of an object, as a result of which there is a reasonable conclusion about its price.

In what cases the property valuation is a prerequisite in Ukraine

So, it is imperative to evaluate the existing property in the following cases:

  • When filing a claim with the judiciary for the delimitation of the rights of the parties to family relations to property. This is necessary in order to determine the amount of the court fee, because the amount of this tax is set depending on the percentage of the cost of the claim. The cost of a claim, in turn, is the cost of things that a person claims. Failure to pay the court fee is the basis for leaving the claim without consideration.
  • When determining the value of property, it is subject to division between the spouses, as well as when determining the amount of monetary compensation in cases where the property is not distributed in equal shares.
  • When determining the value of property to pay off debt obligations of a spouse or one of them. Such an assessment may be required by the bank to ensure that the loan can be repaid.

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Who and how evaluates the property in Ukraine

A plaintiff who files a claim with the court for the division of property, as well as for the allocation of a share from jointly acquired property, can determine the price of things independently. To do this, you can use receipts, checks, contracts and other proof of value.

Distribution property is very often evaluated by experts. For this, a forensic or extrajudicial examination is appointed.

It is assigned to a specific forensic institution, or a specific expert or several experts. In some cases, they resort to the services of independent expert appraisers.

For the examination, the appointed expert must be provided with everything that will help to draw the correct conclusion. These can be documents, descriptions, objects in kind, or providing access to an object. Lawyers advise evaluating only what is really worth something, as this allows you to save on the services of an appraiser.

What property is subject to assessment in Ukraine

What is subject to assessment can be divided into movable or immovable property, business and intellectual property. The latter type of property belongs to only one of the spouses, and therefore cannot be divided upon divorce. However, the results of intellectual work can be assessed in the distribution of property at the request of creditors.

Assessment of the available material wealth is important, mainly in relation to those objects that cannot be divided in nature. At the same time, after determining the value, the distribution of shares between husband and wife can be correct and fair.

Examples of

Determination of the price of real estate is carried out on the basis of its inventory assessment or from the amount specified in the insurance contract, or taking into account the current market value. Property owned by an organization is valued based on its carrying amount. A land plot can be valued on the basis of market or cadastral value, a car – only on the basis of the market price.

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