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Услуги переводчика

What type of written translation are we ready to perform?

If you do not go into details, then the answer to the question will be: ANY. Our qualifications and experience allow us to fulfill even the most non-standard order.

As practice shows, individuals most often order written translation of documents. In many cases, registration involves affixing an apostille, legalization, and notarization. With such work, our employees also cope with constant success.

Why should translation of documents be ordered from the law firm

In addition to the above, in our favor they also say:

  • many years of experience, authority in the specialized market
    the possibility of writing, incl. specialized translation of documents into English, French, Ukrainian, Russian
  • work in the format “24 hours a day, 7 days a week” – place an order, you can receive ready-made documents at any time
  • high-quality specialized translation – legal, medical, technical, etc.
    effective solution of non-standard tasks

The company – we will relieve you of all worries, we will solve any problem in a comprehensive manner!

We would like to draw your attention to the last two items of the above list. Quite often, clients who contact us indicate that they need an “official translation of documents”, but they do not know exactly how they should be drawn up and certified. The competence of the specialist, who will answer you by phone, will allow you to quickly resolve this issue, determine the need for translation of documents with notarization, affixing an apostille, stamping in your case. We give a guarantee that our advice is always accurate, to eliminate any errors.

Quite often clients address to our bureau with non-standard orders. They arise when a foreign government agency, educational, judicial institution or commercial structure has not clearly formulated the exact format in which documents should be submitted. For example, an apostille or a “notarized translation of documents” is required, with which it is impossible to carry out such a procedure. We assure you that in all non-standard cases, the experience of employees will allow you to find the right solution, since we are familiar with the international practice of certifying documents.

In any situation, we will not only find the right solution, but also provide a turnkey solution to the problem.

Consecutive interpretation from the law firm is a reliable solution to the problem at any time and in any situation!

Does your company or you personally have a need for business negotiations, a regular or video conference, a seminar, a presentation for people who speak different languages? Our company will provide qualified personnel and modern equipment, organize comfortable communication between all interlocutors.

Consecutive interpreting means that the speaker makes pauses in his message, during which the interpreter repeats a certain part of his speech in the language required for the listeners. In this case, the special technique may be simpler or even not used at all. But the translator must have special skills, because he needs to quickly memorize a rather large amount of information, translate it and announce it to the audience.

In such cases, specialized translation may be required if negotiations, conferences are held, for example, on a technical, medical, legal topic. The specialist of the company is ready to solve a problem of any complexity on any special topic.

Interpreting services – the best cost and the highest level of quality!

The company guarantees that you will not have to overpay a single extra penny for the service, while the task will be solved comprehensively. Our more than 15 years of experience confirms that there are no such requirements of the client that we are not able to fully satisfy. Do you need interpretation into French, English, Russian, Ukrainian? We are ready to provide highly qualified consecutive interpreters.

Interpreting from the law firm is a guarantee of quality service in 24/7 format!

Even with the most careful planning, in today’s dynamic world, tasks often appear or change unexpectedly. The situation has changed dramatically and you need interpretation services urgently, do you need to resolve the issue literally by morning? The legal company is at your service – we work 24/7!

Contact the legal company for translation of documents – the task will be solved as quickly and comprehensively as possible. The answer to all questions will be received during a single telephone conversation with our specialist. And you will receive ready, translated and correctly executed documents not only at the agreed time, but also in a place convenient for you!

Sincerely, Vikhort Yulia Vladimirovna! Call the specified numbers on Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram:



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