What if the person is insulting?

What if the person is insulting?

Main reasons in Ukraine

Main reasons in Ukraine

It happens that events develop as follows: before the wedding, he gave flowers, and after the wedding, he began to be rude and often offend. Further more. The woman went on maternity leave and became financially dependent on her husband. If a representative of the stronger sex has the psychology and character of a tyrant, then he will begin to show his importance in every possible way: to scandal, speak in an arrogant and commanding tone with his pregnant wife. If a woman denies, then threats and insults will go.

It’s good if a woman has somewhere to go and get help there. However, there are also desperate situations. But you can always find a way out. It is necessary to understand the reasons for the inappropriate behavior of the man and the options that caused this behavior. And there may be several of them.

The most important reason is the tyrant man. It is quite possible that such a psychotype even before the wedding did not behave like a chivalrous with his future wife. For example, he could easily push out of the car in a fit of anger or publicly insult. Only a strong feeling of love often overshadows the girl’s eyes. And many do not want to notice flaws in the character of their chosen one. And the result is a miserable life after marriage.

Otherwise, the person is a real Don Juan. After the wedding, such a person quickly gets bored with marital duties. The wife’s pregnancy does not bother at all, but even interferes. He wants new sensations, and he is looking for them all the time. An affair on the side will cause discord in the family. Images will go. A woman can either put up with such a situation, or part with her unfaithful husband.

It also happens that the spouses have been married for a long time. The man’s feelings cooled down a little, and he felt like “the master of life.” For example, children grow up in the family, the wife is busy with household chores and does not have the opportunity to earn a lot. The person is the main breadwinner in the family. If such a man has egocentric character traits, then sooner or later they will turn out to be. A man will begin to treat his wife with contempt, humiliate and insult in every possible way. Children will also get it.

A woman is afraid of losing her husband because she loves him very much, or she simply has nowhere to go. In this case, elementary jealousy is included. On this basis, the wife begins to suspect her faithful of treason. He checks his pockets, his phone, asks unnecessary questions. Subsequently, this behavior leads to conflict. The result is scandals.

What to do in Ukraine?

What to do in Ukraine?

The first law of psychology says that a psychologist should not give specific advice, much less require you to follow it. A good specialist should only direct a person to the correct solution to the problem through reasoning and conclusions that the same person should make himself.

If a person offends, it also happens that he is often drunk, then this phenomenon must be fought against. Otherwise, you will get mentally tired and can become seriously ill physically. It is impossible to constantly endure tyranny and images. Therefore, you need to make a choice: leave your husband or kick him out of the house (if there is such a legal opportunity) or stay married with him and start correcting the situation together. Which of these methods is right for you, decide for yourself.

In the first two cases, it is more or less clear what to do next. But if you cannot part with your husband, then start the struggle for your happiness and family. This will mean that your situation is not as critical as it seems at first glance. The following tips might help you.

Your husband insults you, clings to you over trifles and trifles, constantly brings you to tears. The situation is not very pleasant, but it can be corrected. First of all, try to ignore his provocations. Do not cry and do not be offended. Treat this indifferently.

If he continues his actions, then return to him, look in the eyes and ask what caused this behavior. Just do it without hysterics. Explain in a calm tone how upset it is for you to hear unfounded accusations against you, give examples and evidence. Say that your patience will soon “burst”, and then you will have to part forever. Remind him of children suffering too. It is possible that your husband does not always think about what he is saying, and such actions will bring him to his senses.

Insults in Ukraine

Insults in Ukraine

If a person offends you, do not repeat after him. Try crying or pretend to be very offended. Sit in a corner and sit silently. His ardor will soon dry up, and he will calm down.

Try to leave your family. Remove the children and live temporarily with their parents. If a person comes for you, then don’t open the door right away. Tell him that you don’t want to see him again if he doesn’t change his attitude towards you.

Will come another time, connect your relatives to the conversation. Let them say that they will no longer allow you to be bullied. A man should feel that you are not alone: ​​you have protection and where to go.

Criticizes appearance and figure in Ukraine

Criticizes appearance and figure in Ukraine

The next problem is when a man criticizes the figure and appearance of his wife, compared to other women. She says that she is not a very good housewife, moreover, that she does not have a very pleasant appearance in comparison with the appearance of her neighbor. This attitude creates tension in the family. It intensifies when a person makes a comment about one or another action of the spouses.

This may mean that your husband’s feelings for you have cooled down a little. They need to be refreshed. To do this, it is enough to cause light jealousy. Show your partner that you can be liked by other men. Change your appearance fundamentally. Dye your hair, get a trendy hairstyle, manicure, buy some modern outfits. “Present” yourself a bouquet (just so that your person does not know it) and bring it home. Answer all questions evasively and mannered. You yourself will see that your husband’s attitude towards you will change dramatically.

Psychologist's advice in Ukraine

Psychologist’s advice in Ukraine

A crisis in a relationship is not the final judgment. It can still be fixed if there is a strong desire. However, remember that your husband must also want to fix the situation. Otherwise, it is simply pointless to follow such advice. To prevent the divorce from taking place, then start acting on the points.

You are not divorced, and romance still happens between you. Try at this moment to remind the man about your meetings, about your love. How did you meet, how was the wedding, and so on. Perhaps this will stir up new feelings in your wife, and he will stop behaving inappropriately.

Take your husband to the movies for a walk. On the way, remember how happy you were. Tell your husband what is happening in your soul now, how difficult it is to endure such humiliation and insults from your loved one. Give an example of the phrases your man says when he tries to humiliate you. Perhaps, being in such a good mood, he will look at himself from the outside and he will become ashamed of his behavior.

It is better not to turn to the help of friends, but if there is no other way out, then ask them to talk to your husband. Let someone from the outside tell your husband that he is so wrong to you.

Remind your wife that there are children in your family and that his aggressive behavior is simply unacceptable in this situation.

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